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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dateline: Ryan Ferguson "The Wrong Man"

Ryan Ferguson "The Wrong Man" Video

We all know that these investigators and prosecutors acted unethically, withheld and obviously fabricated evidence against Ryan. What of their accountability? What seems to trouble me more are the courts that merely shuffled his life altering paperwork through the stages of denial, without a blink of an eye or an ounce of consideration?

From the "" website I quote: In early March, Missouri attorney general Chris Koster responded to Ryan’s Habeas petition and urged the Western District Court of Appeals to deny the petition. Later in the month Ryan’s attorney Kathleen Zellner filed a statement rebutting the State’s request. Koster has argued that another hearing for Ryan is a ‘waste of judicial resources’. Zellner’s reply, “What possible expenditure of judicial resources could be more justifiable than rectifying a wrongful conviction?”

I wonder just how they now respond to that "waste of judicial resources" knowing that they denied an innocent young man 10 years of his life? I suppose the standard answer is: "The system is not perfect and some collateral damage can be expected." When the system is allowed to conduct itself in this manner, it doesn't create just one victim in it's path; it destroys many.

And God Bless Ryan’s pro bono attorney Kathleen Zellner. Her tenacity and resources saved his life. She spent nearly a million dollars to free an innocent man. She spent that because it required that to have a chance to right a wrong. What chance does an ordinary person have fight a wrongful conviction against a system that will defend itself, even when it knows it's wrong? They can break our banks. They can break our hearts. But I'll be damned they will ever break our fighting spirit!